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About Us
Thanks for your interest in De Lange’s Redberry Farm!

We are long-time berry growers, committed to growing the best quality strawberries and raspberries available in West Michigan. All of our fruit is sold nearby, from Grand Rapids to Holland, from Caledonia to Grand Haven, so we insist that the fruit we sell is fresh, completely ripe, with full color and flavor.

Our farm is important to us and we try to make your experience here truly delightful. You’ll find attractive well-kept grounds and traditional farm buildings along with an assortment of farm animals--chickens, cows, horses, pigs, cats and dogs—all of them friendly and eager to meet you.

The De Lange family has lived here in rural Hudsonville since we purchased the farm in 1974. Here Phil and Theresa De Lange raised their children, and now Dale and Lisa are raising their family. You will probably meet one or more of us when you come, since we are busy right here on the farm, and we enjoy meeting our friends both new and old who may stop by to chat.

How do we grow our berries?

We do our best to raise healthy, nutritious fruit. To do this, we pay careful attention to making our soil as fertile as possible, using cover crops to build up an organic, fertile soil rich with natural microbes. We practice crop rotation to allow our soils to gain their balance after several years of growing strawberries. We pay close attention to proper water drainage so our plants remain healthy after a heavy rain. We protect the tender blossoms from the occasional spring frosts. And we watch carefully to supply a proper amount of water in dry weather.
There are many challenges we face when it come to the natural critters that would like to eat the berries before we can pick them. Deer, raccoons, lots of birds, and a ‘possum or two like to claim their share. We have put up fences to keep out the deer, but we haven’t found an effective way to control the birds, so they eat all they want.

Perhaps because of the effort required, we take great pride in our berries. The good soil nutrition, careful water control, and careful attention to many details result in near perfect berries, thanks to God’s care. They are bursting with flavor, full red color, and are so naturally sweet! And it’s such a blessing to be able to eat these berries that are both delicious and nutritious!

So what else can you say about the De Lange family?

Although we work hard and sometimes long hours, we have many other interests. Our close association with the natural world has afforded many opportunities for watching and learning about the wildlife around us. All of us find birds to be especially interesting. We have put up a lot of nest boxes for blue birds, kestrels, owls, and tree ducks. We have established grassed waterways and wind breaks to reduce erosion and buffer strips along the creeks to protect water quality. Ducks, swallows, kingfishers, and many other animals find their homes at our farm pond.

So all in all, we appreciate the place where we live, and we thank our customers who faithfully come for our produce.

- The De Lange’s
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