Delange s redberry farm

June 20,  2024

Farm Market

 - 5723 Port Sheldon -

Monday - Saturday 

9am - 6pm


Come and get them by the quart or by the flat !

Plenty of Pectin for making jam - 

regular, low sugar or instant

We also have short cake biscuits

Lots of berries ready to pick

You will be amazed !

The U-pick fields are located at

 6915 Port Sheldon - 2 miles west of our market

Regular U-pick Hours:

Mon-Sat 8am - 1pm

Mon, Tues, Thursday 5 - 8pm

Sorry, no animals (except service dogs) are allowed in the market or at the U-pick farm

See you soon !

Thank you,  

Dale & Lisa DeLange

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freshness & flavor

Nothing's sweeter than strawberries and raspberries fresh from the farm!

In season, you can get already picked berries, ready to take home and enjoy, right from our farm market.

We also offer convenient hours for our u-pick fields when berries are at the peak of freshness & flavor.

Watch for details under "Farm News" when our season begins!

We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards at the farm market and u-pick field!