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freshness & flavor

May  2023

The days are getting longer (more sunshine) ! 

There is warmth in the sun just not in the air these early days of May 

We have sprinkled the strawberries already for frost control a few days in the end of April. We will be planting new strawberries fields over the next few weeks.  

Looking forward to the up coming season

See you soon, ​ 

Dale & Lisa DeLange

farm news ​​

Nothing's sweeter than strawberries and raspberries fresh from the farm!

In season, you can get already picked berries, ready to take home and enjoy, right from our farm market.

We also offer convenient hours for our u-pick fields when berries are at the peak of freshness & flavor.

Watch for details under "Farm News" when our season begins!

We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards at the farm market and u-pick field!

Delange s redberry farm