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May 2020

freshness & flavor

Nothing's sweeter than strawberries and raspberries fresh from the farm!

In season, you can get already picked berries, ready to take home and enjoy, right from our farm market.

We also offer convenient hours for our u-pick fields when berries are at the peak of freshness & flavor.

Watch for details under "Farm News" when our season begins!

We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards at the farm market and u-pick field!


We have RHUBARB in the market now - Self serve, Cash only. 

Spring is here. We had a mid April snow and extreme freeze/cold early in May but the strawberry plants are showing signs of new life. We are seeing new leaves pushing up and in a few days we will start to see the first blossoms and that means strawberries will be coming. Usually it is 30 days from blossom to ripe berries ! 

We are expecting a later than normal season because of the cooler temperatures. 

We are looking forward to seeing you again this year on the farm 

Dale & Lisa DeLange