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Delange s redberry farm

Available in our farm market, we offer several kinds of produce and products throughout the year.


Farm fresh eggs



Farm fresh eggs

Already picked strawberries



Farm fresh eggs

Already picked strawberries

Already picked raspberries





‚ÄčAlready picked
Strawberries are available in the farm market daily throughout the fall
harvest season by the quart.

We get many questions about the 'organic' designation of our strawberries & our growing practices. The short answer is that we do utilize some pest management applications only when necessary to ensure we can provide the best berries possible to you. We use the least amount of chemicals that we can & time the applications to maximize effectiveness while minimizing usage. If needed, we use pesticides that are reduced risk or labeled for organic farming. There is rarely a need to make a pesticide spray application during the fruiting season in our berry fields. If you have further questions or require additional details, feel free to call the farm & we can provide the information you need. 


U-pick - ( mid August - October )
Monday, Thursday, Saturday 9am-3pm

Due to COVID-19 the following rules apply:

  • If you are sick or are currently exhibiting any of the possible symptoms of COVID-19 please come a different day.
  • There will be no eating or snacking of either raspberries or food brought from home in the u-pick field.
  • There will be no personal containers brought into the fields. You will be provided with picking buckets and containers to take your berries home. No other containers or beverages are allowed in the fields.
  • Stay as a group with those you came with - children must stay with parents in the field.
  • Please follow the rule of social distancing 6 feet apart throughout the whole process.

Please do your best to help us stay open during the whole harvest season by simply following our rules and honoring the CDC guidelines. The pick-your-own experience here at the farm will continue to be a safe and fun time for all of our valued customers.

Already picked berries are available in the farm market daily throughout the harvest season by the pint and quart.